The HOD Ministry School serves as the primary training branch of our global movement and is the heartbeat of our local base in Austin.

The school is broken in to two different three-month semesters with two optional overseas mission trips.

The first track is a "heart track" that is focused on the inner man. During the first semester subjects like character development, humility, developing personal history with God, Tabernacle of David, basic Christian doctrine and more are covered.

The second track is a "leadership development track" that is focused on the outer man. During the second track subjects like spiritual gift development, leadership training, growing in your calling and more are covered. We also begin to entrust responsibilities to you and allow you to take on smaller leadership roles around the HOD base.

We also host daily extended worship and prayer sets as well as quarterly events to bless our city.



"I'm really excited about the Heart of David Ministry School! If you are someone who wants to grow in your understanding of the presence of God, if you want to grow in your love for God, if you want to grow in worship, if you want to grow in leadership, then this is the place for you!" 

- Kim Walker Smith

Jesus Culture


"My friend Rick Pino has an amazing ministry school called, Heart of David. If you feel called to ministry in any capacity, you should go here! It will change your life!"

- Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity


"There can be no Heart of David School unless the man leading it has the heart of David. For the past 11 years, Rick Pino has been one of the dearest young men to my heart. I want to encourage you, GO! Get the heart of David and become prophetic worshipers who shape the future of America and the nations!"

- Lou Engle