The Heart of David (HOD) movement is a global community of musicians, artists, intercessors, families, entrepreneurs, worshipers, and missionaries based out of Austin, TX. We are passionate about seeing Jesus glorified through day and night worship that leads to the societal transformation of cities, regions, and nations. Every year, people come from all over the world to attend HOD internships, schools, summits, and conferences.


For the past 13 years, our founders Rick and Lindsey Pino have been used by God as some of the primary voices in the global worship movement. From trash dumps, to orphanages, to slums, to stadiums, and everywhere in between, they have ministered in almost all 50 states, and have led worship and mission teams to over 50 different nations.

In June of 2013 they moved to Austin Texas to pioneer the first HOD base with the intention of Austin becoming their global headquarters. In January of 2014, they launched the HOD ministry school as well as extended daily worship and prayer sets. In March of 2014 the first HOD missions team was sent to the nations. Since our inception, over 12,000 people have attended HOD conferences, summits and schools. Currently, HOD hosts thousands of hours of worship every year, and we send teams and HOD associates to about 20 different nations annually.


Our movement has been tremendously inspired by King David’s example of establishing 4,000 prophetic musicians and 288 prophetic singers for the work of day and night worship. (1 Chronicles 25:7, 1 Chronicles 23:5)

We are a both a “fueling station” and a resource center for the city of Austin and for the nations of the earth.

We are joy-filled, happy, hopeful intercessors.

We have a mandate to raise up “musicianaries” who are foolish enough to believe that their worship can change the spiritual climate of cities, regions, and nations.

We host catalytic conferences, schools, and non-stop worship events for the training and equipping of the body of Christ.

Our Austin base is a local expression of our global calling. We are passionate about our city as well as seeing the nations filled with the knowledge of God. In this, we are taking our place on the Malachi 1:11 “wall”.  (Malachi 1:11)


In June of 2013 we hosted the first PRESENCE worship gathering (formerly known as the "Heart of David Worship Conference") in Austin. We realized right away that we weren't just hosting an event, we were hosting the presence of God. God visited us so strong at this gathering that we felt to continue hosting this event every year. Though we host many events, the PRESENCE gathering has become HOD's primary gathering of the year with thousands from around the world in attendance annually.


We have a heart to plant HOD bases in various cities and nations around the world. These bases will be indigenous to the culture of the unique city or nation they are in, but will carry our home base DNA of radical worship, discipleship, community and global missions. We are also pioneering a relational worship network where people can connect for community, resources, language and common vision.